In a list of basic spiritual teachings, Hebrews 6:1 mentions “the repentance from acts that lead to death.”

The writer does not talk about a single act that leads to a single death. Instead, there are many kinds of actions that lead to many “deaths.”

There is a death that is not final. Physical death is a one time event (most of the time!), but a spiritual death can happen many times. We are called to repent from the acts that lead to death, meaning that the death can be cured. What is death? It’s a broken relationship with God.

This teaching rings true when we consider the decisions we make and the direction of our life. There are times when we are distracted from God. There are times when we are disobedient. These kinds of acts hurt and hinder our relationship with God.

We must keep in mind the severity of a severed relationship with God: it is no small thing! It’s not just a minor glitch, it’s a full system shutdown. Disruption in our relationship with God is so serious that the Bible calls it death.

Let us watch our lives closely so that we can both avoid and repent from the death causing actions that hinder our relationship with God.