Reflections from Proverbs 28:26:

Those who trust in themselves are fools, 
but those who walk in wisdom are kept safe.


According to the sandbox created by this proverb, there are two kinds of people. Naturally, life is more complicated! Oversimplification has value as a tool for instruction. We need to start with the basics. First, we crawl, then we walk, and finally, we run.

TRUST/WALK (similarities)

Both groups of people have something in common—they are living life. Every day, everyone makes all kinds of decisions. This proverb describes living as “trusting” and “walking” — two different words to describe the same thing. These words are complementary colors that paint a vivid picture.

Every action springs from something you trust. Sitting in a chair is an expression of trusting the chair to hold your weight.

Every action you take moves you down your path in life. One action leads to another, which leads to another, which leads…


While everyone trusts and walks, they do so according to different criteria. Some live according to their own (false) “wisdom,” while others rely on (true) wisdom that is not of themselves.

Trusting ourselves is the opposite of walking in wisdom. This teaches us that wisdom comes from beyond ourselves. We need God’s wisdom. He teaches us through holy Scripture, prayer, reflection, and even through other people.


The first group are fools. But what are the natural consequences of being foolish?

The second group, those who walk in wisdom, will be kept safe. The fools face the opposite fate: they will experience harm. This harm is self-inflicted because it comes from the personal choice to trust in themselves while neglecting the wisdom that comes from God.


It is human nature to believe we are right…and when we’re wrong, we are quick to move on. Denial is easier than humility. However, here is a difficult truth: we are insufficient to face life’s challenges—we can’t go at it alone! We need wisdom that comes from God. We must learn to say, “I am not enough God; but you are.”

If you are fearful or feeling unsafe, where have you placed your trust?

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