YES! Jesus wants you to be happy!

What is happiness and how do we get there?

This seems like an easy question! Everyone wants to be happy. Here’s where things get interesting: that are conflicting ideas on how to get there.

Some people love to be liked, and their happiness grows with their popularity. Others love to achieve and accumulate, so their pursuits travel down those roads. Some people love peace, and they avoid conflicts—at all costs—just to be happy.

Jesus wants us to be happy, but it’s according to his definition, not ours. Let’s call this True Happiness since many people have discovered that their own understandings of happiness have failed to deliver.

True Happiness starts by admitting that we can’t achieve it on our own. Jesus tells us, “Blessed are the poor in spirit.” This means admitting, in the deepest parts of who we are, that we are spiritually bankrupt.

We want to pay for happiness, but we simply can’t afford it. When we make this confession, we receive what our souls desperately need.

This is foolishness! It’s like going to the most expensive store in the world, and looking at the most extravagant thing for sale, and then telling the store owner you can’t afford it. He then gives it to you, as a gift.

Are you ready to be happy? Have you wandered from True Happiness?

By the way, if you are interested in learning more about True Happiness, look at Matthew 5:3-10.