“… an inheritance that can never perish, spoil, or fade.” (1 Peter 1:4)

When our hope is in the world and its empty promises, we will always be unsatisfied. Our destiny is disappointment when we live for physical pleasures, emotional highs, and mental diversions.

These things are temporary because they are grounded in us—our perspectives, our needs. We are always changing and rarely consistent. Need proof?

Look no further than your fears.

  • If you fear failure, even your greatest successes will fade.
  • If you fear rejection, acceptance from others will spoil.
  • If you fear the unknown, your control has limits and will perish.

Our inheritance from God is eternal and unchanging. It is not like a body that dies, or food that spoils, or colors that fade.

Life is a mix of good things and bad things. Triumph lies next to tragedy. One child reaches new heights while another one discovers new depths. A friend builds up while an enemy tears down. We succeed one moment and fail the next—only to live with memories of both.

In all situations, we must trust in the gift of God. This is our living hope, our strength.

How so?

Trusting in the gift takes our focus off our situation and our needs—whether they are fulfilled or frustrated—and lifts our eyes to Jesus.

The best way to describe the things of this world: “This too shall pass.” But not the gift of God.