Growing through conflict: #1 Identify the basic facts

Conflicts come in all shapes and sizes. They are rational and emotional and the most difficult ones are personal. It’s tough to think clearly when we’ve been hurt, offended, angered, etc. (chose your own description, I don’t want to put you in a box!). Everyone has blindspots, and these seem to grow when we feel attacked.

To grow through conflict, the first step is to identify the basic facts of the situation. This can lead to greater perspective and objectivity. Feelings are important, but you’ll examine those after looking at the surface details. Ask yourself:

  • Who was involved? Who saw what happened?
  • What happened—what was done and said? Create an order of events that reflect the causes and effects.
  • When and where did this take place? How did the time and place impact the conflict?

Read and reflect on Psalm 4:4.


What do you have to add?