A short biography of David

I’m preaching on David in a couple weeks so I put together a short biography to give our people an overview of David’s life.

How could this be better, more useful tool?

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  1. Don’t forget the part about being a poet/worship leader, along with not being a model parent/father.

    Key to us in the west, his poor example of raising kids who were born in wealth and power, like most of our kids on the central coast. Perhaps if he wasn’t so busy with his church and job things, could he have guided his sons better?


    Quick thought –
    Are you going to discuss how David fits into the prophetic story of God’s plan? David is fascinating because he is sort of the midpoint in the unfolding of God’s redemptive plan… on the front end – of the tribe of Judah (Gen 49), as the grandson of Ruth and Boaz (God’s sovereign intervention that brought them together), and then forward from David – the Messiah to come from his line, born in the city of David, one day sitting on his throne (whether literally or figuratively depending on your eschatological persuasion).

    In the context of God’s great plan – this young, overlooked, unsuspecting shepherd boy ultimately gives us incredible pictures of God’s sovereign plan, dependence on God, sin/repentance/restoration. His writings give us a glimpse of what relationship with God looks like. But this may be a bigger picture than you’re after.

  3. Feedback from a co-worker

    In that case I think I would include a little more about his human frailty. The fact that he not only committed adultery but covered it up by murdering one of his most faithful men. Not to mention what a mess his family was! And yet he was still a man after god’s own heart. People tend to idealize David, when he had some huge problems. I think it would bring more hope to people to know how God sees our heart despite our problems. Just my opinion

    And you might mention that he wrote many of the psalms

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