wisdom in the eye of the beholder

Do not be wise in your own eyes” (Proverbs 3:7)

What a perfect picture of pride. We need this picture because it is the struggle of every growing Christian.

This command can be difficult for the wise to follow–should a wise person not see themselves accurately?

Perhaps is means, “Do not see yourself as wise enough.” This would fit with the context, (Trust in the Lord, lean not on your understanding…fear the Lord).

How can we maintain this humility? What does it mean to ask of ourselves, “Am I too wise in my own eyes?” Here is what it has meant for me:

  • We can remember our mistakes, foolishness, and sin. Seeking God’s forgiveness keeps us humble.
  • We can keep learning, which I wrote about here: (Why the pursuit of wisdom never stops).
  • We can think about the mysteries of God, exploring the limits of our understanding leads to humility.




What do you have to add?