You don’t have to change anything

For you have heard of my previous way of life … . (Galatians 1:13)

Paul grew, he didn’t stay the same. This is remarkable, uncommon among the ranks of seasoned believers. After years of powerful actions fueled by deep convictions, Paul still allowed God to speak to his assumptions.

Paul was passionate and sincere, but he was headed in the wrong direction, persecuting the people he ought to be building up.

Think about what you used to know and how you used to act. When was the last time you were surprised? Embarrassed? Maybe even a little ashamed of your past beliefs and behaviors?

In this we find a measure of spiritual maturity: what was once a trophy of personal glory becomes a testament of personal folly.

We know we are in a spiritual rut, and our spiritual growth stunted, if it has been too long since since God has challenged an assumption.

Age isn’t a deposit on wisdom and getting older doesn’t automatically mean growing up.

What do you have to add?