When God is distant

The Lord is near. (Philippians 4:5)
We forget and ignore God for many reasons, this passage illuminates us with at least three:

Lack of prayer
Lack of thankfulness

Proximity is power. In the dark, a light close by allows us to see. In times of grief, the presence of a close friend gives comfort. In seasons of confusion, access to wisdom makes the way clear. When a child is lost, debilitating fear sets in with the awareness of being alone. We know the power of proximity.

When our problems become our priority, anxiousness and worry gain control of our thoughts. Like a hamster on the wheel, we furiously tread the same thoughts without any movement forward. Fixated on the possibility of failure or harm drowns out the voice of faith in our hearts and make it impossible to trust in God.

In the face of certain failure, it’s difficult to talk to God. Instead we look to the solutions we can gain by our own power…meanwhile, things continue to spin out of control.

Without thankfulness, we are consumed by what we don’t have, and quickly loose contentment. This begins the fruitless pursuit for more…more stuff, more security, more control and power.

God is near. He is always near. He never leaves us, nor does he shut off access. Our responsibility is to acknowledge him. We must let our anxiousness be overwhelmed with the power of his presence. We must talk to him, simply and plainly, in prayer. Like a conversation between friends, we turn to the God who is near. We must take an inventory of the blessings we already possess and offer sincere thankfulness.

When we trust in the nearness of God, we have a confidence the world cannot destroy or erode.

What do you have to add?