Leaders Worth Following

Follow a leader who:

  • Authentically loves Jesus, not simply appearing to follow him
  • Knows God’s calling on their life
  • Listens to their convictions, instead of their critics
  • Acts with confidence, not bravado
  • Cares about people, rather than controlling them
  • Has a plan to move forward, rather than just keeping people busy
  • Earns trust, rather than expecting it
  • Demonstrates integrity, rather than quick and/or easy solutions
  • Listens to and learns from others
  • Accepts responsibility, rather than making excuses
  • Develops and grows others
  • Open and honest about expectations and evaluations
  • Sees faithfulness as more important than effectiveness
  • Demonstrates an understanding of humility by being a servant
  • Loves inspiration–hearing from God–more than influence over others.

This list can’t be exhaustive! What would you add to it?

Are you a leader worth following? Why?

2 Replies to “Leaders Worth Following”

  1. Matt i like the list. I would also add that they’d be willing to ask “How can I help more than Can you do this for me”.
    Another value would be Encourages others to take risks that are kingdom based instead of pedestal based

What do you have to add?