Who’s power made it happen?

The Lord said to Gideon, “There are still too many men.” (Judges 7:4)

Think about the last great accomplishment in your ministry.

How sure are you that it came from God’s power and not your own? Could you prove to yourself that you were used by God? When have you crossed the line from serving out of your Spirit given gifts into self-sufficiency?

Here’s what Gideon did:

  • He questioned God’s angel
  • He resisted God’s call by making excuses
  • He tested God and asked for a sign…several times
  • He worshiped with an offering
  • He acknowledged God’s presence
  • He build an altar to God
  • He obeyed God and demolished a pagan altar
  • He obeyed God and reduced his army, from 32 thousand to 10 thousand to 300
  • He listened when God assured him success
  • He won a battle without raising a single sword

By the way, I don’t think all of these are worth following!

What do you have to add?