HELP! I can’t do it all!

In my last post (which you can find here), I examined what I think are the fundamental elements to ministry. Ministry starts with a real need that is seen by someone who is passionate enough to meet that need.

Eventually, every leader comes to a point in their ministry where he or she is seeing more need than can be met. Once we learn to open our eyes to the needs of others, it’s impossible to something for everyone with a need.

There is only one messiah…and you and I aren’t him.

I think there are at least two reasons for why leaders see more need than they can meet. First, it drives us humility. We can’t do it all, but God can. He cares for the broken world far more than we do. Second, it drives us to equip others to serve. We ought to be looking for others along the way and help them see where they might be serving. In the beginning of our faith, our immaturity keeps us from seeing needs in others–we need others to teach us to care.

Leaders often see more need than they can meet so that we remain humble before God and equipping others to meet those needs.

What do you have to add?