why building new things is exciting

Recently, I was working at a starbucks and I overheard a conversation between the store manager and a general contractor. What captured my attention was the passion and excitement in their voices. Their anticipation was infectious, I wanted to pull out a radial saw and help.

In a word, building something new is exciting because it opens up new potential. Here are a few points to articulate that potential:

A chance to make things better
Times change, and so should our methods. Our message endures, but how we engage people must change. There are many constants to the human soul (e.g. we will always need relationships). However there are all kinds of changes in our world and we need to be responsive. You probably have people who are more spiritually mature now than they were a year ago, so perhaps it’s time to build something new around that person…

A chance to capitalize on learnings from the past
Every leader ought to capture his or her learnings. Often, we don’t always have the opportunity to put them in to play because our existing programs, policies, processes don’t allow for change. Building something new necessarily draws on our past experience, and this is a good thing!

A chance to involve others
The manager talked about a “laundry list” of things that needed to be changed … and that the list was created by the veteran employees of the store. Just about everyone likes to contribute to something new. Giving them the opportunity to jump in — even in a simple way — creates energy.

A chance to empower others
Some people are looking for a big commitment, to step up and serve the church that’s meant so much to them. The church is “built” on passionate people, and they are just looking to be challenged and encouraged.

A chance to learn new things
Anytime you create, you learn and improve. The creativity process forces your mind to think differently and move along new paths.

Building something new doesn’t mean redesigning everything from the ground up, you can work on small things. Healthy growth is often incremental. What’s the new thing you are going to create in your ministry?

Bible Study Discussion Questions

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here! (2 Corinthians 5:17)

How have you experienced new transformation in your spiritual life? Personally for you, what has Jesus made new?
What is something in your past you are glad to leave behind? If that was still in your life, how would you be different today?
What does it look like for you to remain in Christ?

What do you have to add?