Leading Leaders: how much structure do I give?

My encouragement: structure as little as possible

Some people need a detailed task list, other people need to hear your dream and they will fill in the details.

The discernment required here finds the balance between micromanager and invisible. Prayer and reflection about your people will give you an idea of what your leaders need. At times, it may be best to give them both and ask them which they prefer. Introduce structure with humility and respect–which, by the way, these don’t sacrifice your authority–and give the option to choose what they prefer.

For you controlling types, a few things. First: it’s ok that you are a control freak! It really is because that’s how God designed you. You have strengths that others lack. Second, My encouragement is that you don’t let your ability to control keep you from developing others. Third, perhaps giving them an option for less control isn’t a great option. In this case, ease up your control over time.

What do you have to add?